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Businesses We Serve

Dolce Vittoria serves businesses of all sizes in any industry. Sometimes we’ve been asked if we have experience designing for a specific industry, and sometimes the answer is “not yet.” With over 20 years of professional design experience, it doesn’t matter if we’ve designed a logo or a website for an artisan dog groomer. We know how to design, and that’s what matters. For everything else that gets industry specific, that’s where research comes in.

Every industry has to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace and internet to stay current. You have to stay on top of SEO and Google Trends to have an idea of what to do right, no matter how long you’ve been working with a specific industry.

Some industries we’ve worked with include:

Appliance Retailers

Clothing Retailers

Public Relations Firms

Conference Centers


Professional Chefs

Martial Arts Studios



Diabetes Support

Insurance Companies

Finance Companies

Apartment Rentals


Political Candidates


Home Improvement

Bloggers and Forums




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