eCommerce Store Optimization

Your store. Performing better.

eCommerce Optimization

When it comes to online stores and eCommerce Optimization, most small businesses are missing out. Even if they have an online store (which many don’t), not enough attention to detail is paid to the eCommerce side of their website. The product descriptions are usually lacking, the photos may not be great (if they’re even exist), and do you know what alt tags are? At Dolce Vittoria we take the guess work out of website and eCommerce optimization to help improve your web store’s search engine performance in increase your conversions to build sales.

eCommerce Online Store Optimization

Product Performance

Are your products selling as well as they can? Why not? Over 70% of shoppers know they get a better deal online than in local stores, so it’s extremely important to make sure your products are setup correctly.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the amount of people that visit your website, vs. the amount of people that complete a goal. In this case, that goal is the purchase of a product from your online store. How many people are visiting your store vs. how many people are actually making purchases? We will review your store data, and help manage the content to get you the best results.

Product Photography

A picture is worth 1000 words, and your product photos need to look great to improve your chances for online sales. With our product photography service, Dolce Vittoria can help you achieve that goal and increase your sales, and conversion rates.