Search Engine Optimization

SEO & Maintenance Services

Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an art. That is to say managing your website and its content to provide the best possible organic search engine results. You can have us take your website to the next level, while you focus on your work.

Search Engine Optimization

keyword Research

You want us to research and review the effectiveness of specific keywords relevant to your business. Dolce Vittoria will investigate your competitors, so the best options can be determined for your targeted audience. Maximizing your potential rankings is the goal of good SEO.

SITE Optimization

There is a part of SEO that you don’t see. Going behind the scenes into your website coding to review and optimize your data and the structure of your website with the goal of improving your visibility. Your visible content also plays a big role in search engine performance. The quality of your website’s copy writing, use of headings and images, etc… all play a role in your search engine performance.

Analysis & Statistics

You will want to monitor and analyze your organic results, keywords, content and traffic resources, continually striving to improve your website’s performance. Also periodically check your search engine rankings and competitive performance.

Business Listings

Our maintenance package includes monitoring listings on popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Dolce Vittoria is a full-service operation, also offering Social Media Brand Management, and Social Advertising.

Content Maintenance

An important aspect of successful SEO is the content of your website. You can have us maintain your site, making updates as needed to include specific keywords and important info relevant to your business.

Ethical Techniques

Like you, we’re looking to help grow your business. Dolce Vittoria uses only ethical and safe SEO practices. We do not engage in overly aggressive marketing tactics, such as spamming, hidden linking, keyword overloading, or other manipulative strategies that may give short-term results at the expense of the long-term.