Absolutely Outstanding

Absolutely Outstanding

A colleague had highly recommended Dolce Vittoria to me while I was searching for a website company that could deliver on the highest professional level.

“Call Josh,” she kept repeating each time I mentioned my search. Thankfully, I finally followed her advice.

Working with Dolce Vittoria was a privilege and delight. From the time I submitted my ideas and described what I was looking for Josh became a true partner to make my cherished vision happen.

Josh never said no, but “let me see.” He never left me waiting, but was responsive within a day. He rarely said a request would be extra, but worked beautifully with me to get the site to work as
I envisioned… within my budget.

Dolce Vittoria’s customer service is absolutely outstanding. I have recommended Josh to my colleagues. As new projects come up, Dolce Vittoria is my go-to resource. Aside from the talent, good will, technical expertise, timeliness, and general can-do attitude, Josh can count on me for that most rare and sought after company attribute: customer loyalty.