Album Artwork

Cover design and inserts that kick ass.

Make Your Album Look AWESOME

After a billion hours of busting your butt in the studio, you’re finally ready to put out your album. But first you need album artwork worthy of your music! Whatever your sound or style, your album needs to match you and your vibe. We’ll design your cover, inserts, lyric sheets; whatever you need, made to match your creative identity and style.

Album Cover Design

Insert / Lyric Layout & Design

If you’re creating a full physical album, you may want to consider the lyric sheets and any other additional items your printer offers when pressing records or mass burning CDs. The coolest albums have a creative theme throughout the set.

DigiPak Design

DigiPak design can be very involved, and is generally specific to the printer you choose. If you plan on going this route, you will want to plan ahead and possible consider some nice panoramic photos or illustrations.

Digital Album Design

Even if you don’t plan on releasing a physical album, you should plan on creating cover art to sell your album online. Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc… all use album artwork to sell and promote music online.

CD & Album Label Design

Don’t forget that little circle label thing. That should look pretty too!

Album Photography

If you need band photography or photos for your album artwork, take a look at our band photography section.