Ongoing Support

Updates, Maintenance, and SEO.

Monthly Website Maintenance

Content Management

Let’s face it, you’re busy, and you probably don’t want to hire an IT department for website maintenance if you don’t have to. Well, you don’t have to. We can maintain your website for you and make sure your site software and plugins are always up-to-date, and running securely.

Website Updates

Website Updates

With a CMS system like WordPress, you can update your content yourself. Unfortunately not everybody has the time to do website updates. So we can update your content for you, and even write blog posts for you if that’s something you need. Finally, keeping your website fresh is a great way to improve SEO and reduce your bounce rate.

Search Engine Optimization

In general, your site will benefit from our monthly SEO plan. SEO service will improve your search engine performance, and bring you new leads to help grow your business. As a result of our SEO service, you will see traffic to your website grow naturally, and effectively.

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