Conversion Rate Optimization

Make your pages effective.

What is Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the amount of people that visit your website, vs. the amount of people that complete a goal. That goal might be communicating you through a phone link or contact form, or purchasing an item in your online store.

Conversion Rate Optimization

How this Affects Your Business

If a million people visit your website, and only 2 people contact you, then you have a terrible conversion rate. So that’s simple enough, right? Obviously you want to get the highest ratio of visitors:conversions possible. More conversions equals more leads and that means you’re business is likely growing.

Common Mistakes

Sometimes people will try and make every possible search term relevant to their business bring people to their website. But what happens when I search for whips and you only sell chains? Chances are I’m going to leave, and that increases your bounce rate. A higher bounce rate means your page is not performing well based on the content, or because of the search terms people are using to find it.

What You Can Do

Dolce Vittoria will work with you to determine the most relevant terms to your business model, and research how well your content works with that. Do your landing pages and content make sense for the searches they’re tied to? Is the call to action compelling? We put in the time and research to make your website perform.