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WordPress Design Experts

We Know WordPress.

We’ve been developing websites with WordPress for many years for one reason: it’s a great Content Management System. That means that you, me, or an IT person of your choice can easily manage the content of the website without any coding knowledge. Editing page and post content on WordPress is a lot like editing a Microsoft Word document…but probably less complex.

WordPress web design is something we understand better than most. Years ago we had a client with a design concept already created for a WordPress site. She was upset because her web programmer had been working for over a year and couldn’t get her website to work right with the design she had. He told her it was essentially impossible. When we took over, we started over from scratch, using her design, and had the site up within a week. Yes, the full content took a couple weeks more, but overall it was under a month with even more content and fully functional. It’s not magic, it’s science…or programming skill anyway. Same thing, right?

WordPress Experts

WordPress Bends to Your Will

Even a powerful system like WordPress needs a great user interface. That’s where we come in. You can have us design your WordPress site from scratch for a unique, fast loading, and top level user experience. When your customers see your website with a high-end design, fast speed, and a great interface – that builds trust fast. A generic site can’t do that.

The Power of Plugins

Another great thing about WordPress is the expansion power the gazillion available plugins gives you. There’s plugins available for almost anything you can think of. Plugins for event calendars, social media sharing, eCommerce, website speed, google analytics, galleries, forums, etc… If you can think of it, somebody probably already did, and most likely already made a plugin for it. We can help you choose the best, most reliable plugin to accomplish your goals.

Google Loves WordPress

Search engines recognize WordPress as a powerful CMS and blogging system. When using SEO plugins, WordPress can be an exception tool for Search Engine Optimization. …Especially when you partner it with our Search Engine Optimization service!

You’ll Love WordPress

One of the best things about WordPress is the short learning curve. Once you get comfortable, you’re very comfortable. You’ll find blogging and updating your site content simple and intuitive. You’ll no longer feel like you need an extra degree in computer science and coding to update your website. If you have the time for all that, maybe try botany instead?