Logo Design

You deserve an awesome logo.

Is a Logo that Important?

Yes, ultimately it is. Brand Identity starts with a good logo design, and without one, you’re lost in the wind like a tepid fart. In general, a good logo design takes a lot of thought, research, and creativity. This is in order to effectively capture a brand, and create an identity. However, if you want to look like a dollar store brand, then there’s plenty of cheap dollar store logos out there. But that’s not us. Above all, Dolce Vittoria takes the time to work with you and properly develop your logo. As well as establish your brand identity properly from the start.

We offer:
  • Full Custom Logos
  • Semi Custom Logos
  • Typographic Logos
  • Icon Logos
  • Illustrative Logos
  • Touch ups
  • Digitizing

Logo Design Types

Typographic Logos

A typographic logo is based on text, with or without font modification.

Chef Alina Logo

Icon Logos

Icon logos have an icon which may or may not include text.

Claire McKinney PR Logo

Illustrative Logos

Illustrative logos can be very intricately detailed, with or without text.