Responsive Web Design

Your site. Many devices.

What Does Responsive Mean?

First, responsive web design means that your website is built in a manner that is mobile friendly. Second, your website should work fluidly across all devices and screen sizes. Most of all you want to give your customers and potential leads a positive user experience. Q4 of 2018 stats showed that about 47% of web traffic was originated from a mobile device. While that number is down slightly from the previous year, in effect that’s still almost half of all internet traffic! You’re missing out, and so are your customers if your website doesn’t look good on a desktop AND on mobile devices (like tablets and smartphones).

Mobile Friendly Standard. Not an Upgrade.

Let’s face it- there’s no point in building a website nowadays that isn’t responsive. For this reason we include responsive, mobile friendly design with all of our new website projects.

Responsive Web Design

How it Works

To clarify, the standard for for flexible fluid  web design is as follows.

Media Queries” tell the page how to react to different size screens and browser sizes. This is based on the pixel dimensions. Consequently this is accomplished using:

Fluid Grids” which is really a set of virtual grids and boxes. In general these grids and boxes contain your content that adapt to your screen size.

Together with “Fluid Images” which have flexible sizes to adapt proportionally to different screen sizes.

Ultimately this combination gives your customers a positive experience across all devices and browsers.